Every football club has it’s celebrity following and Leeds United is no exception. Kelly Jones from the Stereophonics has been eager to use his support of the club to help promote the bands new album, Keep Calm and Carry On, which is released Monday.

Despite growing up in the coal-mining town of Cwmaman, South Wales, Kelly Jones admits that in his household “You went Welsh for Rugby and supported an English team for Football” and since his two older brothers were already big Leeds United fans, he had little choice in the matter.

Despite admitting he’s not seen Leeds United play in the last couple of seasons (..ahem…fair weather fan…) Kelly still follows Leeds United’s fortunes and is updated with the scores from friends every matchday.

Other notable Leeds United fans include Radio One DJ and everyones favourite loud-mouth, Chris Moyles, who used to “hang out” with Kelly Jones and co. at the Champions League games. These days, Chris is probably our most famous fan with regular mentions to the Whites on his Radio One show. Like most modern celebrities, Chris also has a Twitter page where he often mentions Leeds United too.

Other famous Leeds United fans with musical connections include the artist (ha) formerly known as Scary Spice, or Mel B for those of you with a wider grasp of Spice Girls knowledge. Another talented performer, Gareth Gates (sorry, I’ll stop now) is also a Leeds United fan as are some more credible musicians like Grant Nicholas (Feeder frontman), the Kaiser Chiefs (who are named after the club we bought Lucas Radebe from), Pigeon Detectives, Vivian Campbell (Def Leppard), Chris from Kasabian, Tim Booth (James’ frontman), and Danny & Richard McNamara from Embrace – as well as many more I’m sure.

Elsewhere, the golfer Nick Faldo claims to be a Leeds United fan although until I see him at Elland Road with a scarf around his neck, red nose and screaming along to the hundreth repitition of WACCOE, I’ll not be convinced.

Everyones favourite Emmerdale star, Ben Freedman (never watched it, but I’m guessing he must be) is another Leeds United fan and quite interestingly, so are Southend United’s manager, Steve Tilson and Bradford City’s boss, Stuart McCall. A full list of the Leeds United fans we’ve outed so far can be found here. Maybe they can all club together and use their wealth to save us from the clutches of Forward Sports Fund and it’s mysterious benefactors?