Hereford jealous of poor internet stream

Seems the fans of Hereford United are a little jealous of ourselves, Charlton and Norwich after arguably the biggest teams in the 1st round of the FA Cup were picked for live coverage.

Whilst the Norwich and Charlton games will be shown live on Sky Sports, the FA have decided to follow the England streaming catastrophe by showing the Leeds game using the same technology – this time live from their own website.

Anyone who was unfortunate enough to watch the England game being streamed live over the internet will have seen a poor game, shown by a poor service that constantly staggered throughout.

As for Hereford, well you guys really need to see the bigger picture. There’d be very little interest in yourselves playing on Sky or via the net and the powers that be need viewing figures to sell advertising space so they can make a profit. Unfortunately, that’s the nature of the business and ourselves, Norwich and Charlton have far bigger fanbases which means far bigger revenues. It’s a dog eat dog world and until you start barking, no ones going to take any notice.

Alan Martin recalled to Leeds

Hardly a massive suprise that Scottish U21 goalkeeper, Alan Martin has been recalled from his loan to Accrington Stanley. Shane Higgs thigh problem continues to keep him sidelined and few are convinced by Casper Ankergren’s ability. The goal’s conceeded ratio has increased significantly since his return, which is hard to write off as a coincidence, although Naylor did little to impress either against Millwall.

Peter Ridsdale turns over a new leaf

The naive fans of Cardiff City really are becoming more delluded by the day. This extract from their vitalfootball author almost makes him out to be a shrewd operator with a good head for business!

In the eyes of most Cardiff City fans, Peter Ridsdale has performed little short of a miracle in keeping the club going – and has been working tirelessly to attract funding, one potential investment in advanced negotiations from Malaysian mogul Dato Chan. Ridsdale has a savvy media head, and talks a good game – some doubts remain as to the clarity of our situation and of course, he has been handsomely paid for his efforts.

Little short of miracle? Didn’t he initially blitz a load of money to put you in this mess to start with? If I remember rightly, he gambled on several big name players in an attempt to make the Premier League, and when that failed, your poor finances started to unravel. Almost left me with a feeling of de ja vu.

At least the author has some sense when he accepts Ridsdale knows how to talk a good game and is clearly profiting nicely from his latest endeavour. Just me that’s wondering whether or not he has a new collection of fish yet?

Dave Jones (Cardiff manager) also claims Liesdale is a changed man;

‘Peter may be on his own crusade to right what people think he did wrong at Leeds – and what he has done here is phenomenal – but I said to him the other night, “you gave your last managers at Leeds millions upon millions and you won’t give me two bob.”

There’s two ways you could look at this.

  • 1) (AKA. the incorrect way) Ridsdale is a changed man who has seen the error of his ways and simply wants to succeed at Cardiff to prove himself after the mess he made at Leeds. He’s found a new sensible approach to money and has been extra vigilant with the clubs funds.
  • 2) (AKA. the correct way) No one is daft enough to lend him any money anymore.

I suggest you go with option 2. At a time when lending across the country is tight anyway, no one in their right mind would lend a penny to Peter Ridsdale – or a Peter Ridsdale run club – after the mess he made at Leeds. When you declare yourself bankrupt, you don’t get people running in with hands held out offering you loans. Get real Cardiff. The mans an egotistical, attention craving crook.