Cross Gates scandal continues

Been away for a few days but it seems the Cross Gate-gate Scandal (see what I did there?) remains a big talking point. After a couple of regulars critisised Gary Edwards YEP comments, Gary revealed the reason he felt so passionately about the paint job;

I was asked by The YEP and others to get involved in the ‘Gates Saga’
I dont give a toss if you dont like me, thats democracy, something that wasn’t used during the discussions by the boffins who sanctioned theses gates.
The main reason these gates were painted in those colours was the Labour councillor for Cross Gates, Peter Gruen is a fan of you know who, not only a fan, he openly brags about it.

I’d already admitted earlier in the comments that I couldn’t really care less about the colour scheme of the Crossed-Gates sculpture. For me, it’s an absolute eyesore, but if Peter Gruen has sanctioned this paint-job solely to get a reaction from the Leeds United supporting majority, then it’s him that’s the petty one. Not the fans that reacted.

You expect a certain amount of professionalism from your local councillors. If Peter has deliberately tried to annoy the Leeds United fans of the city, he’s in the wrong job.

I also think it’s ridiculous of the local council to allow this saga to continue, when Gary Edwards has offered to re-paint the gates free of charge. No further cost to the tax-payer (afterall, the six figure sum they’ve already wasted on this roundabout revamp is more than enough) and all the drama brought to an end in one move. Democracy is when the majority opinion decides the outcome. Clearly, the majority are opposed to the new colour scheme, therefore it should be fixed!

Lucky escape 101

For those that don’t remember Simon Morris, he was a Leeds-based property developer that wanted to take over the club a few years ago. He divided opinion amongst the Leeds fans. Some saw him as the way forward – a rich entrepeneur that could invest in the club and bring back the good times, whilst others were cynical and questioned his motives.

Well, whichever school of thought you were in, it seems we had a lucky escape. Simon Morris has been declared bankrupt after his company went into administration with debts totalling £50m last year. Morris did serve as a Leeds United director, but luckily for us his takeover plans never came to fruition.


Bradley Johnson has told Sky Sports that he’d be happy to open contract talks with Leeds. His current contract has 2 years remaining on it. Elsewhere it seems Leeds United pocketed a healthy £800,000 from the kids Man City poached.