The irony of my post about the ‘luck factor’ earlier this morning will have been lost on no one as Bradley Johnson’s bizarre pass to Jermaine Beckford deflected in off a Yeovil defender to give us the lead.

The fact of the matter is though, that the game stands as a fitting tribute to that post. No doubt Yeovil Town fans will feel a little bit of luck like that today could well have made for an entirely different game, but as I said this morning – you make your own luck.

That’s exactly what Leeds United did today, whilst Yeovil Town struggled to give Leeds United much of a threat. When in the final third, Leeds always looked dangerous. That bit of luck probably did change the course of the game, but we got ourselves in that position to start with.

That goal came after a pretty good first half from both sides, although in all honesty there were few real chances. The teams cancelled each other out for large parts of the game, but credit to Yeovil, they came and tried to play football rather than boot it up field and hope for the best like so many have before them.

The goal changed the game completely and the second half was a procession for Leeds. Yeovil continued to try and play football and create something, but I never felt they posed any massive threat.

Whilst the first goal remains debatable – Did Beckford get a touch, does it go down as an own goal or is it Johnson’s? The one that gave us breathing room was a lot more straight forward.

After Beckford had already hit the back of the net, only to see it ruled out for a clear offside, he had another chance when Grayson’s substitutes changed the game completely. Max Gradel whipped a cross in, which Beckford met and forced a save from the Yeovil keeper. After Beckford failed to take the opportunity Gradel gave to him, Max decided to take matters into his own hands, cleverly working an opening and firing home nicely to give Leeds a 2-0 cushion.

The impact of Grayson’s substitutions was once again immediate. Gradel’s goal led to chants from the Elland Road faithful for Simon to sign him up permanently. He would be an excellent addition to the squad, but whether he wants to play here permanently and whether he’s for sale is unclear.

It was the front two that combined to make the third goal when Vokes found Beckford who made it look all too easy. He out-muscled the Yeovil defender to make space and flicked the ball home to put the game beyond doubt and net his eleventh of the campaign. A nice glimpse of what the pairing can do together as Vokes finds full fitness and the pairs relationship develops.

All that left was another Simon Grayson substitute, Tresor Kandol to finish off the show with his second in as many late substitute appearences. Snodgrass whipped a nice cross in and Kandol found himself in acres of space to head home and cue his crazy looking cart-wheel celebration.

So, back to back 4-0 victories for Leeds, but this time it seemed like we were in second gear for large parts of the game. Maybe that’s a tribute to the squad Simon Grayson has put together and the confidence within them. Whilst the first half was pretty evenly matched, the second half was all too easy for the Whites. Everytime the ball went near the box, Yeovil were in danger of conceeding.

After Charlton lost 3-1 away to Carlisle and Millwall beat Colchester with a late goal, we now sit seven points clear at the top of League One. Eight goals in two games with none conceeded and with a fixture list that doesn’t provide too many scares over Christmas, maybe, just maybe we can start getting excited.

TSS man of the match
Whilst we never looked like losing the game after scoring in the first half, the inclusion of Max Gradel once again changed it completely. His pace, skill, control, vision and passing make him an excellent prospect and he adds something that I think we’ve been missing ’til now. An excellent goal too to cap another good performance from the on-loan star.

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  1. Paul South Wales

    The big difference this season is our defence. Last season if we went one up, we usually didn’t hold onto the lead for too long, unlike the present. We are now rock solid at the back, and whilst we can hold off the opposition we also have the fire power at the other end of the pitch to win games. The championship players brought in have given us a definite edge and we are a completely different team now playing with confidence and hunger. We have the best defence and attack in the the league, and while we can still improve in midfield, at least now we’re not totally reliant on Beckford which has been a frustration of a lot of Leeds fans in previous seasons. Onwards and upwards now to Oldham, it’ll be interesting to see if Grayson will give the super-subs a start to see what impact they can make from the off. What does everyone think about Vokes?


    I think Sam Vokes is a brilliant addition,although he will not get you as many goals as Beckford,this lad will always give you 100% he will chase and harrass defenders all day long different, a different kettle off fish to Beckford. Give it a week or two and these two will be excellent together. A lot of praise should go to Simon Grayson he has done a great job for Leeds, the signings he has brought in have clearly been a great asset to the club. Nice to see Charlton dropping points again today, after the remarks of their manager regarding Leeds having luck its obvious that Leeds Utd have something his club is missing, a good manager and a good team,keep it going Simon and the lads….all the best…..

  3. Dawley white

    I thought we were pretty poor for most of the 1st half today, with Casper keeping us in the match. Their number 9 was giving Kisnorbo a torrid time although I hasten to add never coming out on top. Kisnorbo has to be the find of the season. I feel it was the addition of Kilkenny that swung the match. He really got the midfield moving again. Top of the league, 7 points clear, happy days.

    • Paul G

      Were we watching the same game, Dawley White? I thought Yeovil played some pretty football first half, but apart from the one good save by Casper they never really threatened. As for their no.9 …. he was elbowing Kisnorbo off the ball all afternoon!!

  4. Craig

    Thanks for another good report TSS. I now come to this site first for an honest evaluation and compare other reports with what I read here. Will Becchio make it back into the team once he is fit? I admit to having a good deal of admiration for him after noting his workrate and crediting a number of close victories to his never-say-die attitude. Sounds like Vokes is a similar player? Didn’t really rate him in the one match I’ve seen him play.

      • TSS

        Hi Carrotcruncher. Read that earlier (saw it on newsnow). Very accurate review, can’t argue with it too much.

        Don’t you think your perhaps setting your hopes a little low though? A couple of decent January signings and if your team play like they did early on at Elland Road, they could be a serious play-off contendor for me. The league’s so close that anyone really does have a shot.

        Best of luck for the rest of the season anyway.

      • Carrotcruncher ytfc

        Hi TSS – January looming is tbh more of a worry that we might lose what we’ve got, especially with the whole spine of the team dependant on loan players who might not be extended. Some real promise is emerging, but on the fragility of our low-revenue status, it is far too early to look upwards – and that’s with being me a definite optimist.

        Kind comments though that are appreciated, you ain’t gonna need luck when you’ve got meticulous man with a big budget;-)

      • Craig

        I’m always interested in other reports. The point I’m making is that reports by biased fans (of any team) are invariably one-sided. What I like about this site is that if Leeds play rubbish and are lucky to win TSS normally tells it like it is.

    • TSS

      Thanks for your positive feedback, Craig. Always a bit worried about the match reviews when I’ve written them the same day as I’ve usually had a couple of beers and it’s easy to make errors.

      Becchio’s a bit of a Marmite characted I think. No one will ever critisise his work rate, but I’ve never been totally convinced by him. Vokes is still finding match fitness and blending with the team, but has been good so far and looks like the better player for me. I’m sure there’ll be conflicting views though.

  5. Craig

    Just read the Yeovil manager’s interview where he is quoted as saying “In all players scuffles, people run from three miles and when they get there they just stand up chin-to-chin. As I understand it, if you’re going to run 30 yards, you might as well throw haymakers!” What happened at the end? Here’s a man who says what he thinks – is he going to get in trouble for incitement?

    • Carrotcruncher ytfc

      Certain he just meant it in the context of irony that players making angry posture they don’t intend to carry through is futile nonsense, so players should cut out the anger at the rushing up in theatrical outrage stage.

      • Craig

        I’m sure your correct – sounds like your manager is a cut above the regular purveyor of tired cliches.

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