The People newspaper is doing over-time with Leeds United rumours today. It started by claiming Robert Snodgrass is the target of a £500,000 Everton bid and has followed up by linking us and Charlton with Scunthorpe striker, Paul Hayes.

I’m happy to disregard the first rumour on the basis that £500,000 is a fee we can quite easily turn down for one of our key players. Snodgrass will be catching the attention of a few clubs after his Scotland call-up and display against Liverpool, but it seems an unlikely gamble for Everton.

However, the Paul Hayes link could have some truth to it. I’m not sure what the extent of Becchio’s injury is, but whether it’s a week or six months, it was clearly evident on Saturday we need some better options upfront.

Enoch Showunmi had an absolute mare of a game. His passes rarely reached their destination and his first touch was clumsy. Mike Grella is coming on leaps and bounds and an extended run in the first team might be just what he needs, but I think Grayson would be wise to give himself further options.

The 26-year-old forward isn’t the most prolific of goal-scorers. So far this season he’s scored 3 times in his 14 appearences which is about average to his overall record.

The Scunthorpe official site is quick to defend his unimpressive goal-scoring record though and adds that “[Paul is] more than just a goalscorer. Hayes drops back behind the striker and is one of the club’s main creative outlets”.

He sounds as though he could be a bit like Lucciano Becchio. Jermaine Beckford will always be on hand to turn the ball home, but Becchio is often a key part of the build-up and his lay-offs and passes create the chances that Beckford thrives on. If we are going to have injury problems with Lucciano, then Hayes could be ideal cover.

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  1. simcol68

    good solid player but think £500k is abit over the top + would the grey haired wonder cough up that much money i don,t think so also wouldn,t it have to be on loan ? till january transfer window opens ?

    • TSS

      £500k is the fee being touted for Robert Snodgrass, not Hayes. There’s no indication of how much Scunthorpe would want for him as far as I’m aware.

      • tim

        Personally I think Simon Grayson has a bit of a blind spot when it comes to strikers, just like Revie had with goalkeepers!
        We have seen Trundell and Dickenson come and go and he wanted to bring in Gow from Blackpool – another unimpressive player to my mind.
        We have the ideal player for this league languishing at the club just like Rui Marques did under Blackwell – he is called Tresor Kandol. If McAllister had given him a start at Wembley against Donny we might not be in this division now and he and Beckford were scoring goals for fun under Wisey.
        He is strong hard working and holds the ball up well so I and many others would like to see him given his chance AND he scores goals too. I will be very disappointed if he doean’t start against Darlo By the way I see they have appointed that duffer Staunton as manager!!

      • TSS

        Not entirely sure I agree Tim, but know what your getting at. Tres could contribute his fair share of goals. However, he’s not the most gifted of players and many fans were growing frustrated with him before he was dropped.

        The Becchio-Beckford combination works well so there’s been little Grayson had to change in that area. However, if we are going to continue picking injuries up like we have been, we need some serious backup.

      • simcol68

        my mistake TTS We def need another striker because enoc noshow ,well he was rubbish wasn,t he on saturday and kandol just hasn,t figured in graysons plans at all which was a shame because i think he would have been the better bet

  2. Paul South Wales

    The Bechio/Beckford combo worked well last season, but Bechio’s goal scoring ratio has hit the buffers. The teams that go up usually have two quality strikers, we don’t! I would welcome Kandol back for a few games (never thought i’d hear myself saying that) but he did score a lot of goals under wise. Showumni had a western Saturday (supermare) and Kandol was never that bad. Grella, hasn’t been enough time to prove homself, but we need to change something up front

  3. CadillacJukebox

    In the absence of most of our main players tonight, I would be tempted into a 4-3-3, with Somma, Grella, Kandol and (can’t believe I’m saying this) Enoch all being involved (with Beckford of course).

    Even if you played the speedy Grella down the right wing, that would cause problems without Snodgrass playing, as Johnson’s in top form on the LHS.

    Aidy White is apparently fit now, wonder if he’ll be on the bench for a few minutes at left back, but I’d quite like to see Prutton and Kilkenny get a good run out (and Robinson).

    Problem is I believe we get a fine if we don’t pick our usual team (I assume injuries and international duty should mitigate that somewhat).

    But no Higgs, Marques, Parker, Crowe or Kisnorbo makes me fear for the solidity of the back four.


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