Tresor Kandol for me is a bit of an enigma. There’s no questioning his goal-scoring ability, but at times he’s the most infuriating player to watch. The same could be said of Jermaine Beckford too I suppose, but Tres’ downfall is he doesn’t have the same flair as Beckford does.

What’s really impressed me about Tresor Kandol lately though is his determination to be noticed. Tucked away in the reserves, most players are easily forgotten about, but Tres has continued to make headlines by scoring for fun.

With Lucciano Becchio still a fitness doubt, Mike Grella clearly not the finished article yet and Enoch Showunmi hopefully demoted to cleaning the other players boots after his shocking display the other week, Tresor Kandol’s place in the pecking order must surely have improved?

You have to wonder what it is he needs to do to gain a place in the first team. On loan to Millwall last season Tres scored 8 in 16 appearences, only last night he hit a brace for the reserves to follow-up on the hattrick he netted the week before and he was probably the only player on the pitch against Darlington that really looked hungry to break into Grayson’s plans.

I’ll admit that I’ve had my reservations about Tresor Kandol for some time now, but when you look at the alternatives we have in the striker department, he’s the only one that will contribute enough goals to challenge Becks and Becchio for a permanent spot. If Lucciano isn’t fit this weekend, I’d be very disappointed to see anyone other than Kandol in the starting line-up – and if Luci is fit, I’d be equally as disappointed to see Enoch on the bench instead of Tres.

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  1. Paul South Wales

    If Bechio was fit, i’d still be gutted to see Kandol on the bench. After he scored four against Newcastle the other week in the reserves I think he reminded LG he’s still around. While i don’t think he’s the most articulate of players, a scorer is a scorer, and Bechio’s goal tally is virtually non-existent so far this season. I can see Kandol getting back in the side and staying in to fire us up into the CCC. I just hope he scores against Norwich next Monday!!

  2. JMO

    I couldn’t agree more. I am glad Tres is back in the mix. Scores two more against Hartlepool and went off injured. He is strong and I have said all along SG should give him a go. At least while Eee Orr Showumni is getting a game, there is still hope for me!!!…. He will easily make the top 10 ‘Worst Leeds player of all time awards’. He is SHOCKING.

  3. Robert

    I agree, his 8 goals for dirty wall last season cost us a trip to Wembley at least & I cannot for the life of me understand why we loan players out to others teams in the same league unless they’re no threat to us & scoring against our rivals

  4. Tim

    I think people need to remember that big Enoch is only back 3 months from the sort of life threatening injury that would scare the crap out of most people. It’s not like he tore a hamstring that has now repaired. His confidence and overall decision making will take a long time to return.

    Having said that, he shouldn’t be anywhere near our first team. Reserves yes, and perhaps a loan move to a L2 club for a month or so.

    Kandol has got his head down and worked hard to dispell the rumours that he was sulking and engineering a move. He has to start on Monday, even if Bechio is fit in my opinion. Bechio hasn’t been scoring and having just had a little one, so must be knackered and a bit distracted.

    Kandol has done everything asked of him and needs to be given a chance. It was a good partnership once which could work again and gives a different option to the Becks & Bechs dynamic.

  5. Keith

    Could never understand why tres was allowed to go to Millwall and bringing Enoch in. Even when fit, and pre-injury, I never saw what made him ‘better’ than Kandol in the first place!

  6. Dje

    I fully agree that Kandol warrants a first team place on recent performances, and the portal of opportunity afforded to him by Becchio’s injury. My only concern is that both Beckford and Kandol can be the laziest of players at times. Both have an excellent eye for goal, yes, but neither is as interested in trying to hold up the ball and feed players in as Becchio or Grella do. That puts a lot of pressure on the more attacking elements of our midfield to have to either play a beautiful-weighted through-ball or get it out to the wings and go back to the old-fashioned style of swinging in cross after cross and hoping that eventually one of them will be met by the two big lads up front. I know Kandol and Beckford played upfront together under the early Wise era, and seemingly scored for fun, but under Wise we were playing a different sort of football (ie. pretty unimaginative, kick and run stuff) than we are doing now. I’m not sure I’d want to risk the improvement to our game that Grayson has brought out of our players just for the sake of feeling that Kandol should be rewarded for knocking them in during reserve matches.

    No new injuries withstanding, I’d imagine Grayson to start with Grella and Beckford and bring on Kandol for either one of them (depending on the score) for a twenty-five minute run-out, or so, next Monday.

  7. martin

    part of the problem with Kandol is he is too similar a player to Beckford, they both want the ball, neither holds it up so well & both want to score goals (robbie fowler & michael owen playing together had a similar issue), having either becchio or grella playing along side beckford is a good idea, however if beckford lost his form or needed a rest or got injured id say a straight swap would be better & still play becchio or grella alongside


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