Tomorrow night we take on Darlington in the JPT bidding for a place in this seasons final at Wembley Stadium. However, some Leeds United fans think the competition is pretty pointless and the Whites should be concentrating solely on winning the League One title.

There seems to be three schools of thought. The first is that the JPT is a trophy that Leeds United are more than capable of winning and a club with an history like ours should be battling for any honours we can get.

The second school of thought is basically those that are sitting on the fence – which includes me. If it doesn’t effect the team’s fitness, create more injuries and we can be successful with our fringe players then I’d love nothing more than for Leeds to win the trophy.

Finally, there are some supporters that see the whole competition as utterly pointless and would rather us solely concentrate on getting out of League One. So, in the interests of democracy, I thought a poll was in order to see what the majority think.

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  1. Grumpy Older Man

    My school of thought, if we are to beleive that our overall squad is decent enough to go up automatically and hold its own in the CCC then the “second 11″ need to show it by progressing as far as they can in this competition.

    • TSS

      That’s basically the same as mine, but there are rules in place that permit you from fielding an entire reserve team. (Some have argued the League Cup should follow a similar structure to maintain/regain credibility)

      I’d love to go to Wembley again. It’s an impressive stadium and it’d be great to see successful there.

      Of the changes we’re allowed to make, I’d like to see the new striker we signed who has been playing in the reserves. Would also like to see Mike Grella and Aidy White get 90 minutes.

  2. Terry

    I believe that the JPT is a trophy we should be chasing. As good as our start to this season has been, over the past 3-4 years we have proven to be very inconsistent from week to week. More game time for both first team and fringe players can only improve that. Also the confidence that can come from a good cup run can be invaluable.

  3. Choppers

    I think a trip to Wembley would be great and I think we should push forward and win what ever we can, simply to keep momentum and to let fringe players prove their worth.

    I would also like to see if Tresor Kandol has improved from the player we last saw, he seems to be doing it in the reserves, so he should get a chance to play with Grella in my opinion.

  4. paul

    carry on with the JPT but just play the fringe players, it’s simply not worth risking the main squad!! I feel like leeds fans are losing a little patience with jermaine….wots yr thoughts?

    • TSS

      I don’t know. Jermaine needs the service to perform and maybe that’s been lacking a little in the last couple of games? He had a poor game at Charlton, but then so did every attacking player on the pitch.

      I think a lot of fans get frustrated when he doesn’t ‘work for it’ and it annoys me too, but that’s not the kind of player he is unfortunately. To get the most out of Jermaine, he needs service.

  5. Paul South Wales

    I like the JPT, beacause it gives the fringe players game time to showcase their skills and keep first team players on thier toes. If they never got a look-in then SG may not realise what he’s got to call upon.

  6. paul

    TSS. I agree he needs the service (jermaine that is)but who’s to provide this, in my mind he neeeds quality balls to run onto, he def can’t perform with his back to goal cos his first touch is appalling! And at the moment we have no width, everything is coming through the middle. Enoch can get behind them…then fall over!! How bad was that on sat?

    • TSS

      Yeah, there does seem to be a lack of width in the team with only Snodgrass providing any noticable amount of crosses. Maybe Grayson just prefers a more direct approach than we’re used to?

      The crosses aren’t necessarily needed though. Jermaine’s goal-scoring record so far can hardly be critisised afterall. When we’re passing the ball about, we do create openings. It’s impatience that costs us, when we start hitting them from 40 yards like we did late on against Charlton.

      • tim

        I would like to think we can win the JPT and a final with the likes of Southampton for example would be tasty. I would also like to think it will be our only chance of a visit to Wembley this Year!!
        I am going tonight because I like to see some of the younger and fringe players in action.
        J B is not getting the service at present with Parker and Crowe injured plus Snoddy. The team looked out of balance on Saturday.
        Luciano just hasn’t done it for me this season yet so that is why I am making the call for Kandol. Grella seems to have a co- ordination problem between his brain and legs which may well be a confidence thing. Enoch for me is useless and I am desperate for Tresor and Grella to suceed BUT we are now so short on attacking wide players – Aiden White comes to mind?

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