Not since 1998 have Leeds United met Grimsby Town in any competition, but that’s hardly going to thrill many Leeds fans who will have been looking for a more exciting draw than a visit from the struggling League Two side.

For me, and no doubt many other Leeds fans, the ideal draw would have been us against Bradford, but they’ll now have to see off Port Vale to stand any chance of rekindling an old rivalry.

The biggest draw is undoubtedly in the Southern section where Southampton will meet Charlton.

The games, which will be played on the week commencing 9th November will decide who takes one step closer to the final at Wembley Stadium, and perhaps, who simply didn’t care. After the disappointing performance from some of our fringe players against Darlington, Simon Grayson will be looking for his reserves to put on a better show and progress to the next round.

The game could be an even lower turn-out than Darlington as Sky have announced they’ll be broadcasting it live. Cold and wintery night at Elland Road to watch poor quality football or nice and toasty warm with a pint in hand down the local? I know what the majority will choose.

Enthusiasm for the JPT simply isn’t ripe amongst Leeds United fans. Although many at the Darlington game were keen on another trip to Wembley, they also felt the League was more important and any run in the JPT shouldn’t be at a consequence to the League campaign.

That said, the poll I’ve been running on the site shows a 50% majority want Leeds to win the JPT whilst just 32% feel ‘it’s a pointless competition.’ It’s certainly not the FA Cup, or even the League Cup, but I guess – aside from the League title – it’s the best chance we’ve had at silverware in a while and it’d be nice to have some success to celebrate.

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8 Responses

  1. Keith

    Just imagine Jonny Howson climbing those famous steps, to pick up a trophy draped in white, blue and gold; 50,000 of the faithful dancing in the wide Wembley aisles and singing all the way home, and memories of defeat to Doncaster banished, then tell me you’re not secretly hoping we win it……
    It might only be the JPT but it would be great to have a trophy in the cabinet, and the players might get a bit of a taste for picking up winners medals!

  2. Miggy white

    It’s more embarrassing to win the JPT than it is to be knocked out first round. Who wants to go to wembley? It’s an awful ground; another fa cock up

  3. musiclover

    It’s a complete distraction from our real ambition this year. It just risks unnecessary injuries to key players and fatigue when our main rivals are resting. Most of all it’s a tin pot reward designed to keep the little clubs in the lower leagues financially stable and happy with their lot, nurseries of talent that will rise up to play with the bigger boys as they see fit. It’s our passport to joining the likes of York City, Bradford and Darlington as a lower league team with our sights set on paying our way, and drawing a Premiership team in the FA cup, and dreaming one day maybe walking down Wembley Way to a JPT final. Leave it alone, it’s an embarrassment and an admission of what we’ve nearly become.

  4. halifax white

    well i must be in the minority!! i think the mighty whites should be going all out to win everything!! does not matter if it is “only” the JPT!! every leeds fan should, in my opinion, be wanting the club to progress in every comp, win every game put in front of us and like me be there when we are in front of the sky cameras!! And i thought we were YORKSHIREMEN!! a bit of a draft n rain dunt bother folk like us!! get thi sen on’t ground!!!! i know mad innit!!

  5. Ollie

    First of all I really don’t think it will matter, we will probably beat Grimsby easily and then get beaten away by the likes of Bradford or Carsile.
    However, the idea of travelling down to london again before we have even secured promotion sends a shiver down my spine, I for one wouldn’t go.
    The JPT is a joke, look at the attendances. Unless we get Bradford in the semi’s I cant see us breaking the 15,000 mark, so where people get off by saying we will have 50,000 ‘faithful’.
    I can’t stand been surrounded by people at Finals who have been to 3 games all season and it wouldn’t be any different for the JPT.

  6. Ian

    Many fans still hold on to the premise that we’re a big club. In many way’s we still are but we are in the third division. Many of our players have never played above championship level and are all quite young. A trip to a cup final without the pressure of a play-off. Would do nothing but good. And as for the fans? We’ve been through ‘thick and thin’ mainly thin for many years and winning the JPT would be the first step in the right direction. I remember years ago, Chelsea winning the Zenith Data Systems trophy – remember that? – when they were at their lowest point. A certain Tony Dorigo scoring too as I recall. From that point they moved on the bigger and better things. We are a third division club and a bit of silverware, regardless of what is it will do the players, manager, sponsors and above all the fans a welcome boost!

  7. The Diary

    Didn’t the great Brian Clough himself say the most important trophy he won at Forest was the Anglo-Scottish Cup? That was the win that gave his players the taste for success. By the same token, if Leeds want to rebuild, the paint pot is surely the perfect place to start. Surely Leeds supporters would have nothing but respect for the wisdom of Clough!

    • TSS

      “Surely Leeds supporters would have nothing but respect for the wisdom of Clough!”

      Haha, I like people with a sense of humour. Good one! ;)


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