First off, I have to admit I’m writing from a somewhat biased position as a Leeds United supporter, but the review of last nights game that Tommy Smith (ex-Liverpool defender) did for the Liverpool Echo goes so far beyond biased, I suspect he watched the game through a shiny new pair of rose-tinted spectacles. If he watched it all that is!

He starts with the following;

APART from a couple of minor scares Liverpool were never in any real trouble against Leeds last night.

And the result was never really in doubt.

Did he miss the debatable goal that was ruled offside? Did he miss the final score of 1-0? Because, if he hasn’t then someone needs to send him a calculator. Had the original goal stood (and for the benefit of this rant we’re going to assume the rest of the events played out as they did) then the score would have been 1-1. That’s not a comfortable victory Tommy. Infact, by my reckoning, it’s not a victory!

Whether you only have “a couple of minor scares” or not Tommy, you can still lose a game! More to the point, you only gave us a couple of minor scares too. There was very few clear cut chances either way. On another day, with different officials, last night could well have seen you exiled from the League Cup in your first game.

Tommy then moves on to show us why he isn’t the manager of Liverpool FC, by claiming Beckford was so impressive they should sign him;

I have to admit, though, that Jermaine Beckford was the one player for Leeds who caught my eye. I can’t help but think he is just the type of striker who perhaps could do a job at Anfield.

Torres needs a bit of help up top. He cannot be expected to shoulder the burden on his own this season.

I don’t know how much Beckford would cost but for me he’s an interesting one and I’d happily take a punt on him if I was Rafa – and the deal was right

I’m totally lost now as to which game Tommy was watching. For me, Beckford was missing a little last night. His pace did cause Liverpool’s defence some problems and he did have a goal ruled out, but to suggest he’s Premier League (and Champions League) quality is ludicrous!

Maybe it’s old age that’s catching up with Tommy, or maybe he couldn’t be bothered going to the game so just made up any old nonsense. Either way, I’m pretty sure his opinions don’t match that of any of the 38,500 fans at Elland Road last night, or the millions watching on Sky for that matter.