At 5pm* tomorrow the speculation surrounding Jermaine Beckford’s future will finally come to an end as the English transfer window closes. The rumours linking the striker with Bolton Wanderers persist as the Premier League side search for a goalscorer.

Jermaine Beckford has had an impressive start to the season scoring five times already and with no new contract signed, he still remains at the centre of much speculation.

Much of the speculation is coming from Bolton’s local rag who claim Gary Megson will make a £3m move for Jermaine should his bid for Nantes forward Ivan Klasnic fail. It now appears this move has failed so it’ll be a worrying 24 hours for Leeds fans.

Should Jermaine remain a Leeds United player after the deadline tomorrow, and should Leeds fail to secure a new contract with him, the next danger will be the January window where he’ll be allowed to sign a pre-contract with another club. Simon Grayson and Ken Bates have repeatedly said they’ll happily see him leave on a free at the end of the season if he can score the goals that get us promoted in this one. I suspect that they’ll try again to extend Jermaine’s contract before the January window and his decision will depend on current league standings.

Meanwhile, Leeds have signed former Sheffield United defender Leigh Bromby for £250,000. Bromby joins a four year deal and is the first transfer of the summer where Leeds have spent money. 

With Rui and Kisnorbo away on international duty this weekend it’s likely he’ll make his debut against Stockport. I had wondered why Grayson felt we needed another defender but it appears Bromby is adaptable and can play at left and right back so provides more options.

*Edited from midnight to 5pm. Transfer deadline is usually 12pm on the final day of August but has been altered to 5pm on the 1st of September due to the bank holiday.

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  1. steve

    if we let beckford go expect another season in league 1,unless we sign jackson or bring kandol back in

  2. Harrogatewhite

    Transfer window actually closes at 5pm not midnight, so that’s 7 hrs less for someone to sign Beckford, personally I’m counting the minutes 1397 and counting….

    • TSS

      Right you are. I was going off the Benjani deal that was “completed” at 11:55pm the other year, but it seems the bank holiday has changed it.

      Well, at least I don’t have to stay up ’til midnight tomorrow praying now!

  3. Ross

    i’d be very shocked if beckford left with all the official statements from Grayson on tv and the web stating he will be here till the end of the season. seems to me Bates must have assured Grayson that Beckford will not be sold. Since Delph was sold for circa 8m and Leeds made an operating profit of 4m and Leeds very rarely pay transfer fees for player Bromby being the only recent one I can think of (Bradley Johnson may have been the last one before that). no beckford would be like Leeds admitting they have no ambiotion and are happy to just milk a cash cow in league 1.

    Kandol is in no way any kind of substitute for Beckford……!!!!

  4. dave shack

    I have always been prepared to give Bates the benefit of the doubt but if he sells beckford he can go f–k himself and he wont get another cent out of me.

  5. Mac

    Beckford is the difference still – we are a good side without him but his goals are vital – this season we appear a much better more settled and confident side under SG – his steady fresher motivational management.

    Who we would sign ‘on loan’ to cover his loss is difficult one – I’d welcome another Argentinian to partner Bechio or splash out on serious proven quality – I hope he stays – 3 million is a low sum for his goals ? but if hes off for free in May ??

    • exmouth white

      bates needs to give becks what hes asking for,without him we wont get the goals we need.what hes asking for will not break us,he cant be asking too much,20k a week at this level and for what he gives us isnt that great,25k would be acceptable,we need this bloke. by the way does any1 know what the outcome was for the brazillian that came to thorp arch, heard nowt officially. exmouth white

      • Mac

        well yeah your right there – if Becks wants to stay and is after mote cash wages – then in y book hes earning every penny of any rise – give him the rise and lets all get on with the push

        what was the brazilians name – we need more South Americans – I’d love Alex Sabella back in that midfield with TC

  6. Mac

    I reckon the real question is does the player want to play in the Prem sooner than we can offer him and leave our club LUFC – a player is going to accept the move if it comes from a decent Prem side with high wages – we see it happen year in year out – look at the Everton player off to Man city

    If so then let him go I say – and buy in a 3 million striker who wants to evolve up the Prem with Leeds

    bring back Frank Worthington, Hawley & Hankin, Connor, Parlane, Mackenzie, Butterworth, Balcolme – even Entwhistle !! they would all have done so well in this league for us

    • paull

      I know what you’re saying and it does seem unfair to stop him if a prem club want him. The problem is Bates wouldn’t then spend the money on an equivalent quality player. Most of it would just vanish like all the rest that has vanished recently. I hope we keep Becks and the great start may just persuade him to stay.

  7. musiclover

    Doubt this will happen tomorrow. Becks and his agent must have clocked they can enter into a pre-contract agreement come the new year and pocket part of the cash that otherwise flows to Captain Birdseye

    • Mac

      hopefully you are right – but if i was wanting to get a striker in then I wouldnt want to wait for him and i wouldnt pay up now for someone to come 6 months later ?

      Bolton need a striker now and we ned some loyalty – of course the lad is playing out of his skin for us – they always do when they are in the shop window – thats not to disrespect to Beckford – hes done the talking with his boots that player for us

      remeber Villa left it late for Delphy boy – and cosy behind the scenes with Capt Birds Eye

  8. Paul South Wales

    Roll on 5 O’Clock tomorrow, hopefully he’ll be still here then we settle down and plough on with this excellent start to the campaign. I’m fed up with the constant speculation concerning Beckford. In this league he’s a star, but the premier league? Give me a break. The extra revenue we’d pull in from playing in the CCC would exceed the fee being banded about for him, and i think Bates knows this. The only thing that worries me is that whenever Larry enforces the fact he’s staying, he finishes it off with “unless a ridiculous offer comes in for him”. What is deemed ridiculous by PS? Anyway fingers crossed and onwards and upwards we go MOT.

  9. Sam

    im getting too anxious now, WHY has beckford not gone yet, i personally want him to, ( thats because im a Huddersfield fan) but like every year hes the saviour for you, problem is this is ur final curtain call.. he will stay but he will not re sign in league 1 so without spoiling our chances good luck , i hope were both up there next year, god knows we should be

    • Hunter's Boots

      Let’s get all this saviour cr*p buried right now Sam.Teams buy players, defenders to defend, keepers to keep and strikers to score.Just because we have a prolific marksman that others envy,does not mean there are not other players in the team.How about Higgs is our saviour, he has conceded only 1 goal from open play all season.Then there’s Kisnorbo, ‘saved’ us from conceding goals, he must be a ‘Saviour’ right? Throw in the midfield now scoring every game and Beckford starts to look like exactly what he is, part of a team winning every game this season. Would Man U get relegated without their ‘saviour Rooney, or let’s throw in Drogba, could you see Chelsea in L1 within 2 years if they lost him.What Bullsh*t about strikers.Every club buys the best players in every position they can, we just happen to have the best in L1.

  10. Henry V

    £10million + would be a ‘ridiculous offer’.
    £3 makes no economic sense at all.
    We cannot afford to lose him for this season – can we?
    I do not know how Jermaine would do in the Premiership or even the Championship.
    They are VERY hard leagues, with faster, stronger players!
    As always, we are helpless, and must trust that manager and board stand firm!
    We have been hurt before!!
    It is the fans lot!


  11. Lee

    Beckford wants £7.5k per week, we have offered £5k.Bates wants to sell him, any fans who thinks he is in it for any other reason than to line his own pockets needs to wake up. What other chairman that made a declared £4m profit(who knows what the true figure was) and sold another player for £6m would haggle over his leading scorers wages. As for replacing him, that cost a large transfer fee and an element of good luck neither of which we have enjoyed in recent years. Roll on 5pm!!


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