Ken Bates seems on the brink of another legal battle as he reveals he’ll be taking Manchester City to a tribunal over the signing of our youth players.

Man City snatched George Swann and Louis Hutton straight from our youth academy and Bates insists he’ll battle to ensure Leeds receive ‘adequate compensation’ for the pair.

Speaking to the Mail on Sunday, Bates said;

“The average club do not even recover their costs when they have players taken.

“A lot of them are thinking of closing academies and centres of excellence because they have effectively become unpaid agencies to identify youngsters for bigger clubs.”

The seemingly endless legal disputes Ken Bates gets involved in infuriate me usually, but for once I totally agree with the man. The current youth development system is wasted on lower clubs as the higher ones simply leave them to do the hard work then lure the players in with dreams of success as soon as they reach the age for a professional contract.

The system needs a complete revamp. The transfer tribunal addition that Bates is intending to use for this case is a good first step, but it needs to be built upon. Personally, I’d like to see a block on clubs signing other clubs academy products (unless they agree) until the age of 21-22. Most young players end up warming the benches or playing for the reserves of higher clubs at this age anyway and if the higher clubs want them so much it’d force them to fork out the money the lower clubs deserve.

 The current system, like most systems in English football these days, is a total shambles and needs looking into. I’m glad Bates is taking a stand, whether it’s for personal gain or not, the big clubs should pay for the services of smaller clubs youth stars.

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  1. Grumpy Older Man

    But the issue is thus, Bates gets annoyed with City over the two kids then uses that to justify flogging Delph for less than the market value City were setting. As we know from Bates’s comments he proactivily encouraged Villa to come in and take Delph. And the irony in all this, we bullied Bradford City out of Delph in the first place….

  2. Supernorm

    It seems to be happening quite a lot to Leeds, how do the likes of City and Chelsea know about the quality of our youth players, is there an Anthony Blunt at he club giving away our top secrets??

  3. Feed the Goat

    Bates a shyster who if I had to shake his hands would count my fingers afterwards.
    Sue Gods Own Football Club……..sue away last time I checked bonded labour was outlawed in the 19th century and juviniles are legally protected and suprise to Bates allowed freedom of choice where they play in 21st Century Europe.
    Shit happens, Sturridge a product of the best youth system in Europe walked away to Chelsea from us for a nominal fee .
    Maybe Bates needs poking awake with a stick in his bath chair and the real facts of life, humanity, freedom of labour and choice explained to him.
    Or maybe the old goat just wants a payoff.

  4. Jack

    I have some sympathy with Leeds fans, but absolutely none with Master Bates who’s God resides at the local bank.

  5. Heavyriffs

    Bates, once an idiot, always an idiot….

    I’m a Man City fan, don’t appreciate us pinching young footballing talent like that, but it’s happened to us and that is the footballing world, it hasn’t happened overnight!

    Reap what you sow Ken…
    Chelsea al a Bates anyone?

  6. Sky Blue Yank

    I am a Man City Fan. I have to agree with Bates. Big clubs shouldn’t be able to just steal away talent that the smaller clubs work hard to identify and bring into their system. Either prohibit it altogether or make the buyout clause astronomical, so that even if the bigger club can afford to buy the youth/prospect, then the smaller club gets a load of cash to spend on players, academy, etc. Would love to see LUFC back up in the EPL, battling away with ManUre and the likes. Get the system fixed and reward the small clubs with their fair dues.

  7. Alphie Izzet

    Don’t miss the point lads. Players move around and clubs like City and Lidz both win some and lose some. Compensation is a different matter. Lidz should be fairly compensated and you don’t have to get aeriated and go to law for that, you just refer it to the FA Tribunal who deal with it. Do not get sucked in by the machinations of the Master Baiter who we all know is a manipulative t*sser. For his own twisted reasons he was in an unholy rush to ship Delph out to Villa when City would have paid significantly more for his services. I wonder why he did that, not for the reasons he gave for sure, they were crass. City CEO Cook had to delay a week to ask the Sheik nicely for the money indeed, do behave Bates, you might have contempt for the fans of both clubs but try and show the decency to hide it a bit will you!!!
    Personally I think Delph is more likely to advance his career at Villa than City who have their own high quality kids to accomodate as well as the high profile, high cost incomers, but that’s a different story.

    • Paul Smith

      Feed the Goat
      Posted August 11, 2009 at 12:25 AM
      Bates a shyster who if I had to shake his hands would count my fingers afterwards.

      ‘O’ dear Mr goat comments like that just cost Mr Bates 50K in a court case ,

      Its funny how some people make this personal just because the dont like Bates, what he is doing is for the good of all clubs that get their best young talent taken for little or no compensation, Delph went to villa because that where he wanted to go,if you had seen his interview on SSN you would know that, as for Man City going to pay much more for him , i think you are just guessing, if as reported the fee for Delph is 6 to 8 million then Bradford will get 720k to 960K not to bad as he’s left Bradford when he was 9, if clubs were properly compensated for developing young players then it might just might help stop more clubs going into administration or even out of business,Mr Mawhinney & his mates at the FL punish clubs for getting into financial difficulties, and tell them they should run there clubs more business like, but then allow these club to have there young talent that cost them quite a bit of money to develop taken away without proper compensation, so pull your heads out of you backside Just because it bates dont mean its wrong, in this case it is 100% right

  8. Tim Despairingly

    No what bates is doing is for his own good, obviously as usual

    theres a system in place for this where clubs are paid compensation as we were with the previous ones, bates will argue our case and to be fair to him will do it well if previous settlements are anything to go by, while its annoying to a club like leeds this sort of thing can be a lifeblood to some lower league clubs who have to sell

    so long as we get adequate compensation with decent sell on clauses like bradford did with delph then I dont really have a problem with it as enough players are coming through our system

    in days gone by leeds have poached youngsters from all over and if we ever get back to the premiership we will do it again, thats one of the privileges of being a big club

    its down to the kids and their families if they want to move, theres no guarantee they would even come through the system here or at a bigger club

  9. jeff

    Bates is greedy grabbing.
    6hours coaching a week 30 weeks a year @ 20 quid per hour(that’s generous because the age groups are massive usually a 1: 20 ratio) = £3600per year
    age 9-14 is 6 years so max comp. they should get is £21,600 per child.

    The FA should do some sums


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